Be Clear Analysis Featured in Politico Women Rule

…WHO IS AMERICA LEARNING TO TRUST? -- “Battleground Voters Twice As Likely to See Men Discuss Politics on Local TV” by Marie Aberger: Americans trust local news more than national news, so Be Clear set out to discover: “Who is on television telling us what to think about [political] candidates?” Tracking over 400 guest appearances on local political TV shows for 3 months in 2019, the analysis found that in 14 key battleground states, “when viewers turn on a local TV political show, they’re twice as likely to hear a man’s views as they are a woman’s views.

Battleground Voters Twice As Likely to See Men Discuss Politics on Local TV

In 2016, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to secure a major party Presidential nomination and won more general election votes than any man in history not named Barack Obama. In the 2018 midterm elections, more women were elected to Congress than ever before. Now, a record six women are running for president. This historic progress has forced a vital conversation about treatment of female candidates in the national news and on social media.

Less attention, however, has been paid to a news source that may have the biggest impact on the race: local news.